Why would we do that?

I want to believe there’s a special place in Hell for city planners who build light rail and bus systems that don’t include a way for people to get from downtown to the airport.

I envision a portal out of hell within sight of their punishments but separated by impassable obstacles. Various demons offer to take them there, always demanding more money than they have on hand.

These cities should serve as a crushing rebuke to people who don’t think that city governments are all that corrupt.

4 thoughts on “Why would we do that?

  1. King Rat

    Eh, I’m personally of the opinion that having rail transit from an airport to wherever should not be the highest priority when adding that mode of transport. First thing to do is cover the routes that will get the most commuters off the roads.

  2. Evan

    Vancouver, BC is just building the airport link now (for the looming Olympics). They built the light rail for the World’s Fair in 1986, and they added a seemingly pointless loop to it in 2000, but only now are they extending it to the airport.

    Calgary does the same thing, though in that case it’s a matter of the city council being in the pocket of the taxi commission.

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