Weird craigslist scam on cheap Prius listings

There’s a weird Prius ad that keeps running on Craigslist, and it starts


followed by a ridiculous description and then, in huge letters, the email address to contact the person, and a chunk of spam text.

So I searched on the email address — they’re in every Craigslist location. There’s 31 on that location alone, all in the last day.

There are more elaborate variants, with similar spam text at the bottom: you can search for “” too and see the same pattern.
Or did a ton of them at the start of the month, offering almost exactly the same text as George Callum would a week later.

They’re flagged and removed almost immediately, but I don’t see what the angle is here, unless it’s just an attempt to get people’s addys. And the fact that it’s been run repeatedly makes me think they’ve got to be getting something out of it or they wouldn’t keep trying.

But the spam text is random, torn from Wikipedia I think, the kind of stuff used to get spam email past Bayesian filters:

another Red Sox pitcher hurl a no-hitter and the next Fenway Park no-hitter won’t come untilcoin It originally meant the side of a die with only one mark before it was a term for a playing card Since this was the lowest roll of the die it traditionally meant ‘bad luck’ inin 1977 to become Harris Queensway plc until the company was taken over in 1988 Lord Harris was also a non-executive director of(4 8 15 16 23 and 42) It is also the number of minutes within which these numbers must be entered into the computer and the button must be pushed

— it’s not as if people are searching for that stuff. Randomized post stuffing isn’t going to get a lot of people searching for those terms, seeing a Prius ad, and handing over their email addresses. You’d want to go for Allison Williams or one of those other weird keywords that delivers a bunch of strange traffic to your doorstep.

I don’t get it. Unless it’s all more or less automated so it doesn’t require any effort, it doesn’t seem like the return would be worth it.

Also, the people at Eastlake Auto Brokers post over and over about their cars and it’s really annoying.

3 thoughts on “Weird craigslist scam on cheap Prius listings

  1. JD51

    It’s an escrow company scam. You send your money to this fake escrow company who supposedly holds it until you receive the goods from them. You will never receive the goods and your money is gone.

  2. Jon Thomas

    I agree. There are so many illegitimate postings on there every day. It’s just annoying to try to find anything.

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