Top Plumbing Tools

I was idly considering cataloging all the injuries I sustained, but instead, I’d like to recognize the indispensable tools of spending a week under the house repairing and rebuilding plumbing runs.

#1 Sawzall
I am so happy I bought one of these. I went through a lot of blades, because it’s hard to cut through galvanized pipes, but holy mackeral, compared to using a hacksaw, it doesn’t even compare. 3/4″ rusted pipe, tough. Drywall, CPVC, anything else? Like butter.

Saved me more time than anything, and fun to use, too.

#2 12″ pipe wrench and
#3 10″ pipe wrench
Bite and turn. Easy to adjust, use, and a decent hammer in a pinch. Heavy enough for stability, light enough to wield accurately. With two, it’s easy to brace piece A and then turn piece B against it.

#4 massive quality adjustable crescent wrench and
#5 smaller quality adjustable crescent wrench
Almost the same deal as above, except with fittings. A good adjustable crescent that keeps its sizing while in use and under torque is sweet.

#6 Map gas torch.
I can’t believe how handy this thing proved. Mostly used in soldering new copper joints, also handy for heating up stubborn rusted fittings. Also made me feel secure about being able to defend myself from spiders, though it never came to that.

Also of note: the nice 500w portable work light with protective grill, now severely dented. The surprisingly effective respirator mask. Neosporin. Flux. High-quality solder.

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  1. rob

    I put Band Aid Actvie Flex band aids at the top of my list for plumbing projects. They stick even when getting wet and hold blood really well.

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