Ow ow ow

Yesterday I spent ~15 hours working on my house’s plumbing, and as you’d expect I’m now covered in small cuts, scrapes, bruises, and one burn. The worst of these, functionally-speaking, is the side of my right thumb, which is exactly where I hit the spacebar while typing.

So writing this is a battle between mindfullness, negative reinforcement, and almost a lifetime of touch typing. It’s going badly.

Also, we still don’t have water. There are four outlets (two to sinks, two to toilets) that use compression fittings and last night I managed to get one of them to go from “spraying water everywhere” to “works” at the end of my long shift. I hate compression fittings.

Now that I think about it, the only thing I like about plumbing at all is running pipe, soldering, and doing the planning, because they’re binary: they either work or you screwed something up. This compression fitting type stuff, where I fix it, it leaks, I fix it, it leaks… oh, how I hate it.

1 thought on “Ow ow ow

  1. rob

    PEX is the way of the future.

    But I agree, plumbing sucks–I can’t wait to never do it again. Only 18 compression angle stops, two tub drains, three toilet flanges, and a bunch of trim work to go. Woo-hoo

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