Guess the make

Today, driving on some remarkably ice-slick roads to work, I was on a three-lane arterial, minding my own business when – despite there being a ton of space behind me – someone in the right lane sped up next to me, cut me off, and braked. I went full antilock and everything for a second, no harm done except the month it probably took off my life, and kept on. After not a quarter of a mile, they went back into their lane and took a freeway onramp.

Here’s the thing: I could take a survey of people and I’d bet at least two-thirds could guess what kind of car they were driving, and they’d be right.

Isn’t that weird? I wonder if at some point each of these asshat driver thought “hey, that moron drives like me and I too have $65,000 to drop on a car — to the dealership!” and a demographic was born.

3 thoughts on “Guess the make

  1. David J Corcoran

    Nah, BMW drivers are too smart.

    In terms of idiots driving luxury cars, it’s gotta be Lexus

  2. billT

    For that matter, a Lexus SUV. I constantly Lexus SUV drivers either causing wrecks or getting pretty damn close.

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