Why the US is in the toilet, part of a continuing series

The biggest story right now is that the Bush White House deliberately took apart a system the Clinton administration put into place for the archiving of emails to comply with the law, and then deleted the backup tapes, destroying 1.2 million – 1.5 million emails. Government emails covering the outing of a CIA agent working against nuclear weapons proliferation to damage her husband politically, the run up to the Iraq war, the firing of US Attorneys… all of it, gone. It is, and I say this without reservation, the largest incident of its kind in American history. It’s the famous gap in the Nixon tapes times a hundred thousand.

Working out this morning, the fitness center had the TV turned to CNN. I learned:
– Winning American Idol is not a guarantee of musical success
– Zach Ephron had a medical issue. He was in some movie
– Rosie O’Donnell wrote a blog post about how Britney’s going to die like Princess Diana

This last story went on forever, and included a heated debate that included a woman identified as an “investigative journalist”.

Really. She was arguing about Britney and Rosie.

I could not believe this. I thought that at any moment they would swap back to real news (Republican Congressman raised money for Al-Queda!) and it never happened. I watched that thing for 20m.

Crazy. Just crazy.

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