I made my first presidential campaign contribution of the cycle, and I never would have expected it when this thing started up. As any reader of HLWT knows, I’m greatly upset about the erosion of constitutional rights, and lately, particularly by the failure of Obama or Clinton, who are in the Senate, to do anything, or take a leadership position on any of that, or Iraq, or anything… so obviously, Dodd’s “restore the Constitution” platform’s appealing, but I didn’t care enough.

Anyway, I watched this latest bill with dismay, unable to understand why you’d want to give blanket immunity to people who violated (at least) the privacy of their customers, and almost certainly their civil rights. That no one did anything to stop it made me wonder why I even cared about this stuff.

And today, Dodd threw a big wrench into the process, and at the very least, he’s prepared to pay a price for his opposition to this horrible legislation… and I realized that I need to support that. So I did.

Dodd 08.