Best dialogue from a bad movie this week

The nerdy computer guy, to the girl he likes defeats ~24 opponents:

“Woah, okay, well, I’m never going to mess with you.”
“Well, maybe in a controlled environment.”
— from DOA

I have a blind spot for horrible, horrible movies like this. I loved, just for one example, the American Ninja movies. Anyway, DOA… um, pretty much stupid throughout, but it’s surprisingly well-shot and frequently funny, a lot of gratuitous shots of the four “high-powered female martial artists” and the fight scenes are sometimes good. It’s a two star movie I liked far beyond its value.

The problem with the fight scenes generally is there’s a lot of fakery and wire work and the leads aren’t convincing. One of the things about watching, say, Michelle Yeoh in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that’s so awesome is that she moves so beautifully normally, and if you’ve seen her fight (say, in Supercop), you might suspect she can almost fly anyway. There’s really only a few people in the movie who look like they could be actual fighters, much less carry an actual fight scene, and that makes it pretty boring.