Worker Bee recommendation

There’s a Bay Area band called Worker Bee (myspace page here) that I totally, totally recommend. They’ve got a 5-song record out called “Divorce Your Legs” which you pretty much can’t find anywhere, but they’re ridiculously good. The best way I figured out to describe them is “If you like Explosions in the Sky, they’re like all the things you like about them”. Roger Waters once wrote an essay in Newsweek that recommended the best way to rebel against the Boomers was to find music that was complicated, subtle, and built on itself until it burned a hole in your head, and unfortunately, we didn’t have Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky and all those other great band then, but I waited, and I love them, and that’s Worker Bee.

I don’t even know how to encourage people to check them out, except to look at their MySpace page, which has two songs you can listen to, or check them out if you can get to one of their shows. They’re not even on eMusic (!). I would bet you can find their CD on all the finer P2P networks, too, though obviously, I don’t want to encourage that. I wish I could point people to an online purchase option. I’m sure I’ll be pimping their album if it ever comes out.