The weekly Clarion cycle of anxiety

Day 1: Freedom from the tyranny of stories! Woo-hoo! Sure my story sucked, but I got one in!
Day 2: Ah, that was nice. Those were insightful critiques, too. I should think about all of that stuff when I pick my next idea. What do I have in the idea hopper? A couple of things, that’s good.
Day 3: Which of those ideas looks like it might a substantive story, one that requires me to stretch and look at things I’ve learned? None of them? Uh oh. Why does my stomach hurt all the time?
Day 4: I gotta get going. That sucks. And this sucks. Well, how far did I get? -100 words? How is that even possible?
Day 5: I better pick something and pound it out, and if it sucks, well, I’ll go down with the ship.
Day 6: Shit shit shit shit shit, this is terrible. How can I sleep when this story sucks so badly?
Day 7: shitshitshitshitshitshit fuckitall, polish this, turn it in, make the deadline. I hate this story! Why did I pick this idea in the first place? I need a drink.

… and repeat.

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