Hate sticker on active.com for spamming

Cascade Bicycle Club uses active.com to do their online registrations, and active charges a lot, is generally annoying, and then spams you even if you said you didn’t want to be spammed. I haaaaaaaaaaate this kind of thing, even more than random dictionary attacks or whatever, because it’s a personal betrayal:

“Hey, do you trust us to handle this transaction?”
“Sure. Here’s some money.”
“Great, do you mind if we bother you with promotional emails?”
“Please don’t.”
“Whoops! Ha ha ha, turns out we don’t care about the second question.”
“Why should we trust you with money if you can’t be trusted with my email?”
“Doesn’t matter! Too late! Suckerrrr!”

The ultimate insult is the disclaimer:

You are currently subscribed to active-offers as: ####. When you registered online with Active.com you requested a free subscription to our weekly email newsletter and promotions. If you would like to unsubscribe from future newsletter mailings send a blank email to: leave-6505228-66413975.39fbc094bfb884879077a3807305d294@news1-active.com or mail to The Active Network, 10182 Telesis Ct, Ste. 300, San Diego, CA 92121.

No, I did not. I never, ever request a free subscription to weekly email newsletters and promotions, you jerks. Way to run a business.