Clarion West, Day One

I don’t know how much I’ll want to say as I go on, especially about people and related issues, but some random thoughts as end the drought caused in large part by my prep…

– I got to hang out a little with Nancy Kress today, and had a total fanboy moment, and she’s awesome. It’s funny, I’ve done a bunch of book events for Prospectus and now on my own, and I still go “wheeeee!” when I meet Kay Kenyon.

– We’re in an empty sorority house, I’m not supposed to disclose which one, but it’s a strange and weirdly depressing environment. But then, according to the poster, their cumulative GPA sure beats mine.

– I’d forgotten what a shithole the University District is. I lived here for years, I know its charms, but holy crap, between the pan handling, the littering, the general crappy attitude (there are twelve of us! let’s walk four by three! whee!) it makes me long to go hang out on Queen Anne, or Capitol Hill, or… downtown Bellevue, hell.

– The people here rock. So far.

2 thoughts on “Clarion West, Day One

  1. kenshin

    silly question….What do you do at the program? Does it predominately involve critiquing each other’s writing?

  2. Gomez

    Holy hell! I heard you got in but I didn’t realize it meant you’d be in the U District. We may run into each other at some point, as I live in that neighborhood.

    Best of luck with the program, Derek!

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