Why I hate plumbing, in short

To get at a drain issue, I pulled the sink trap and found a nasty hair clog, which I pulled out. I then re-assembled the trap to find — joy of joys — that now, the trap-to-train connection dripped. Why would it leak now when it hadn’t leaked before? I have no clue. Probably the clog meant there was less water in the system, so there’s a pressure difference, or whatever. But this is why I hate plumbing work. I can patch a chunk of the cold water supply, and then tightening it perfectly so it doesn’t drip is an art I’ve never mastered, which means it’s actually a lot of experimentation, and then I can fix something else and now it drips again. Wheee!

1 thought on “Why I hate plumbing, in short

  1. joel

    ditch the old cone washers and go with the red, rubbery ones from Lowes. I had a leak I just couldn’t stop no matter how hard I tightened because the washer wasn’t compliant enough. I “upgraded” and no more problems!


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