Yesterday’s K-Rod Kommentary

So, ~70 comments went up on the K-Rod piece yesterday, including some of the swearing-free “you made it up/Photoshopped it” ones. Another hundred or so didn’t get up, and it was running about 1:2 signal:abuse total when I gave up, with new comments almost entirely abuse. By type, I’d classify them as

4-4 comment pie chart

I color-coded them that way to match my new hot gay lifestyle. Who knew?

There were also a smattering of “You’re a Yankee fan,” “you’re a crybaby,” and all kinds of other random insults.

My wife was horrified. “Yankee fan?” she said. “That’s personal.”

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s K-Rod Kommentary

  1. PositivePaul

    I still say the real reason you refused beer on Monday is that you’re pregnant.

    You’ve been photoshopped, mentioned on Jim Rome, AND accused of being a Yankee fan? Dang. You’re big time.

  2. Josh

    Over at Halo’s Haven they claimed you were just some A’s fan who wanted an advantage for the A’s vs Angels series that started up on Thursday.

    I think you are just a fan of every team but the Angels, oh and you like men. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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