Jobs a-hunting

So! Picked up the car (two-week total: $1700+, over 50% the value of the car).

Job 1: looped, no word yet. I couldn’t say how it went. Parts of it went quite well, others I couldn’t read.

Job 2: interviewed, loop is tomorrow. They want to talk to me more, I want to talk to them more.

Job 3: did an interview today, way cool, the people seem awesome, the company’s great. But there’s also no position to talk about yet specifically (I’d be doing x for y team…).

Job 4: contracting jobs. I’ve got some exploratory conversations booked. Might actually work out the best if I get into Clarion, which — hey, wow, I might actually hear back from them in the next few weeks! That came up fast.

So yeah, things are progressing. It’s strange to be job-hunting as the book comes out.