Things that happened to me today

Had a nightmare about being reviewed in the New York Times Book Review in which they liked the book but spent most of the review savaging the typos and minor errors that were included in the advance copy (which was pre-copy edits).

Woke up when the UPS guy delivered the first copy of the actual, finished, off the presses book.

Looked up the ski conditions for Snoqualmie – I’ve got not much time left on the rentals, I’m probably going to be employed soon, and the forecast looked promising. Conditions look awesome.

Throw my stuff into the car, tear off for Snoqualmie.

Ski for a long time. Mostly sunny, some new snow, and the face runs weren’t crusty, but a perfect slushy goodness. Most fun I’ve had all season.

Nearly get horribly mangled or worse when my coat catches on the edge of the chair. Really scary. I’m a little impressed I managed to act reasonably rational in figuring out what happened.

Lost my wallet.

Found my wallet when some good soul turned it in, contents entirely undisturbed. Yay humanity!

Brief skiing.

Planning to get back well in time to head out for my scifi workshop, return to my car, load it up – car won’t start.

Get a jump from security. Won’t crank over.

Call for tow. As phone battery cranks down while I’m on hold, get quoted really long wait time. Head to lodge, have beer. Tow calls, delay. Wait, wait, wait.

Tow shows up. Can’t jump the car with their massive cables etc. For the first time, get to see my Volvo put on a flatbed. Long ride back.

When I finally get home disastrously late, discover a lot of my galley changes didn’t get into the final version.

In the email:
Another job possibility.
A chance to write a piece for… I don’t even want to say it.

Been a weird, weird day.

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