The importance of HR

So it looks like I’ll be doing two interviews this week, one with Ye Olde Expedia, and one somewhere else. The interesting thing to me is that I ranted a while back about my frustration with the on-again, off-again recruiting of a company I really wanted to work for, and how I stopped trying.

Anyway, I got a note from a recruiter for a company, and I remembered that I’d talked to her as a job reference for a friend maybe six months ago, and it was a pleasant conversation and they were good about the whole thing – they called when they said they’d call, they were efficient but not forced about getting through it, and seemed as concerned about whether my friend would be happy as anything.

And I don’t think I’d have an interview scheduled if I hadn’t had a previous, positive contract with them.

I’m going to throw this on my list of to-do items for if I ever run my own business:
– interview and hiring processes run smoothly, fast
– hire great HR people when you’re too big to handle the process yourself

I’ll put those next to “don’t ever, ever outsource customer support” on my business plan.

But yeah, two interviews this week.