Strange connections

Book research takes me back to looking through Robert Anton Wilson’s stuff, leads to RU Sirius #78: Robert Anton Wilson Lives!. RU Sirius then leads to number #84: Hal Robins aka Dr. Hal joins us to talk about Secrets of the Subgenii; underground comix, and his latest book, Dinosaur Alphabet…

I recognize Hal Robins’ voice immediately, think “there’s no way” then decide to go look it up. And yup, Hal Robins is Harry S. Robins, and did the voice for Dr. Isaac Kleiner in the Half-Life games, so it turns that without knowing it, I was familiar with his work:
– as a voice actor in some of my favorite computer games
– as a fiction writer and
– with the SubGenius
and knew him, vaguely, from the comic stuff, without ever putting any of these aspects together.

It felt weirdly satisfying, like putting the last piece into a jigsaw puzzle I hadn’t known I was working on.